Please take a look at the services we provide. All are provided in house so we maintain control and know exactly what and how things have been taken care of throughout the entire process.


Everything we offer, we do ourselves!

What we provide


Naturally we offer award winning taxidermy. We can mount anything you bring us, and will do so as if it is our own piece. We understand the importance of preserving memories for a lifetime!


We do all of our own tanning at our shop. This gives us the accountability customers deserve. We offer both tanning services for other taxidermists, and for those that just have a hide or two that want the get them tanned.


Restoration of poor work done by others is not an easy task. We will be glad to examine your piece(s) and advise you the best course of action to take. Rather it be remounting the actual animal completely or even replacing the hide with another.

European Mounts

Europeans mounts are a great option, and gaining popularity here in the U.S. We have our own Dermestid beetles to clean animal skulls with so you don't have any unnecessary shrinking and weakening with traditional boiling methods of cleaning skulls.


One of the few shops locally that can dip your European mounts and/or guns. There are a wide array of options of patterns for you to chose from. European mounts look really good after they have been dipped.

Game Processing

Don't want to clean or process your game? Bring them by and let us process them for you! We have a full meat processing plant on site that can custom process to your requests.

We promise to do our best on every mount, but this does take time. Please understand that to guarantee top quality mounts we do not take short cuts. We will however promise the wait will be worth it!

Have a something unique in mind?

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